No Cost Family Christmas Gifts With Zero Sales Pitch Part 4: That’s a Wrap

It’s 3 days before Christmas. Let’s “wrap” this series up shall we? Formatting will be a bit more simple than past series posts; just some brief ideas and pointers for wrapping your presents.

For those of you who’ve already read parts 1, 2, and/ or 3, you may want to skip the next paragraph and get straight to the body of this post. I’ve kept the intro the same throughout the series to maintain continuity and flow.

So Christmas is coming and while the goose may be getting fat, your budget is looking pretty slim. Perhaps you have finances to spare, but are looking to take the focus off spending. Maybe you want to pass down something more sentimental than the most current video game. Whatever your reason, I’m taking a break from grace blogging to give you free ideas that can help you with your family gift giving. This is the 2nd of a multi-part series. Not being a fan of exhausting introductory paragraphs when all that’s really wanted is the meat of a blog, I’m going to get right to it with the following:

Free Wrapping Ideas-

  • Helium Balloons: I said no sales pitch, and while that is still the case, I must give credit to the idea’s original source. In this case, Good Housekeeping. Don’t trash them! Reuse them! Here are some presents I put a high shine on as both main wrapping and bows. If wrapping the present, cut an incision along the seam large enough to insert the gift into, place gift inside, and tape. Bows take a bit more practice.

  • Wrapping Paper Ribbon: a huge thanks to Shelly Lindenberg who taught me years ago to save scraps of wrapping paper, cut them into strips and use them as curling ribbon. You’ll notice I’ve done this with the blue present above.
  • Fruit or Veggie Netting: I used some apple netting to create a bow in the photo above. I’ve also cut the label off and used the netting to encase a gift basket and tied it at the top with a different bow.
  • Go Naked: Let the gift speak for itself as some of them above, bows only.
  • Get Out the Ironing Board: I got this idea off my former roommate’s calendar. Take wrapping paper you’ve received and turn it upside down with a thin cloth over the top, ironing the creases out on a low setting. It looks much more presentable when finished then in its post-opened state.
  • Shred It: Got ripped tissue paper? Put it through the shredder, fluff it up, and use it to stuff a gift bag.
  • Mend It: Gift bag break at the seam? Hot glue or use double side tape, and possibly embellish with decals, seals, or stickers. Handle breakage? Place ribbon through the holes and tie. Here’s a picture of a gift I gave tonight that incorporates several of these elements:

I’ve also used the following for gift wrap:

-Paper grocery bags turned cut along the seam (print side in)

-unwanted posters

-fabric including no longer needed cute bed sheets

-cute tags from purchased clothing as gift tags

That’s a wrap! I’ve enjoyed this series immensely! Please feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts or other wrapping ideas. Shalom