I had to get out, I just had to. The morning was beckoning me, telling me she had much to discover. 8 am. Not too early for a jaunt in the park. I threw my messy hair into an unbrushed bun, packed up my son and the Naturalist backpack from my local library (fvrl.org), and headed out the door. “No time to waste! Hurry Tammy! So much to discover. It’s now or never!” the morning seemed to be saying. There was a park I’d been longing to explore ( https://www.cityofvancouver.us/parksrec/page/west-minnehaha-neighborhood-park) well kept from a side glance while driving by, a paradise in the semi-urban jungle of my growing town.

I parked and got out quickly, secured my son in his stroller, and took a few laps around the track. After doing my art challenge last week, my camera has become my new best friend for discovery, documentation, and reflection. I could not resist taking a picture of the sweet horses next door, a nod to an earlier time when these lovely creatures were a common part of everyday life. I love the small things, things placed by the grace of God for us to discover. I took pictures of these as well and grabbed a few pieces of natural “litter”, wildflower weeds and fallen tree blossoms, to examine in the magnifying boxes provided by our backpack. So much to discover! Wild roses grew high and low along the path, a small trail wove through tufts of tall grass. Spittle bugs did their thing on the long blades. High in a tree, holes where I imagined some small animal family kept house bid me to capture their essence.

If not for the elements, the majority of my life would be spent outdoors. I would be like a female John the Baptist, living in nature and sharing the good news. Well, maybe not exactly. Camel hair sounds itchy and wild locusts and honey have never been an ideal meal. But I do, oh I do love nature. Just as the morning bid me to come and discover, so God’s grace beckons us to come and get to know all He has in store. 1 Corinthians 2 speaks of this specifically, a wonderful chapter about discovering God’s grace. I would like to share verses 9 and 10 with you and encourage you to read the entire chapter. This is from the NIV, “However it is written,’What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no human eye has conceived’- the things God has prepared for those who love him- these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” Amen! This is more than a mild invitation. It’s a beatiful call by God to grow deeper in discovery with Him. As I discover more in nature, I also discover more of God. His still small voice speaks to me there. I encourage you to do two things this week:

  1. If you know where God speaks to you most go there. If not, discover it. Generally it is where you feel most at peace, where you understand His grace in full, where your heart bursts with thoughts.
  2. Invite someone close to you to go with you to this place. My son goes with me. I decided long before I had a child that I would share God’s grace and love with that child in nature, as it is something I know well. Jesus used multiple lessons form nature. I feel I cannot do better. I found a quote in our Naturalist backpack that I love. It feeds into this idea. Also, just as one should only write what they know, so too with teaching.

So discover where God speaks to you and share it with someone you love. That is all…


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